CITY 2000: Words & Images About Chicago: Scanning, intensive color/tonal correction, and pre-press and onsite press production of over 200 color & black/white negatives for CITY 2000, a fine art photography monograph, University of Illinois Press, 2006.

The deluxe edition of CITY 2000 was limited to 200 volumes printed and bound in leather. These 200 books were donated to museums and institutions worldwide. Both volumes were printed and bound with exceptional skill by Trifolio in Verona, Italy.

The Comer Collection of 17th—19th century Marine Paintings: Project Management, Imaging, Design and Prepress for creation of full color catalog detailing a private collection of 17th—19th century Marine Paintings.

Offering design and photographic support to scientists studying abrupt climate change: Project Management, photo research and imaging needs including several self-published books (Greenland 2005 shown here) in support of the Comer Abrupt Climate Change Fellowship whose members included world renowned climate scientists. Photo research and digital imaging for The Fate of Greenland by Philip Conkling, Richard Alley, Wallace Broecker, George Denton, MIT Press, 2011.